Heritage Isle Farms is committed to a sustainable future.  Our farm grows vegetables and raises birds in ways that are ethical and sustainable.  We believe that a strong factor of our success is the commitment to grow and raise a diversity of products without herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or added hormones.

It’s a commitment that we take seriously.

You can find over 30 different vegetables and 5 types of birds on our 80 acres – all grown without herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or added hormones.

All our vegetable and birds are chosen for their taste and nutrition.  We aren’t looking for bigger; we’re looking for tastier.  We do this so that you can put healthy and delicious food on your table for your family, friends or customers.

People come from all over Alberta to buy our ducks (and all our other birds). And it’s no wonder.  Our birds are raised outdoors in the summer months in large enclosures where they can root around for bugs and worms, take mud baths and breath fresh air.   They get corn and soy free feed that is sourced locally.

In the summer our fresh heritage lettuce mix, large selection of unique greens and wide selection baby vegetables keep people coming back.  In the fall and winter our large selection of potatoes, beets and carrots are always available. Our vegetables are never sprayed with herbicides or pesticides.  You can feel confident about what you are eating.

We look forward to being your farmer.


The Heritage Isle Farm Team.

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